You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding THE mentor for you. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor. Who is guiding you?

When looking to get started or develop even further, it is CRITICAL to choose the perfect mentor to bring your vision to life. The right mentor is the one that it right for YOU.

Mike Frisby’s journey to creating a lucrative property portfolio has appealed to many who have chosen to follow him in his footsteps. Why? Well, Mike’s students believe his strategies are designed to build massive passive income in a safe, sustainable, rewarding and fun way, all tailored to the individuals circumstances.
Mike has developed a series of specialised strategies that work every time in any market and he only shares these with his inner circle of students. This specialized knowledge has generated millions in income and equity for Mike and his close students.
He focuses on YOU, the person, the portfolio you want and why – and the best way to achieve it, safely, in the least amount of time.
Mike’s is intuitive and a careful listener and his students have all reported back on how surprised they were on how much they grew personally in the process, in their confidence and happiness. All students have been impressed with the profit results that keep growing as their portfolios develop and develop.

Mike empowers you to own your success – to be your own property entrepreneur, armed with skills that you can use forever and transferable across several other business you may wish to pursue.

After the initial compatibility assessment (otherwise know as “a chat”), Mike can help you set out your key goals and to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Mike is amazing at making it feel ‘real’ for you which helps you gain belief, momentum and gets you to where you want to be faster.

It all starts with a strong sense of purpose and Mike can help you elicit that and keep reminding you of your vision when you going gets tough. Mike will work with you on developing a clear, realistic but ambitious timeline with measurable actions and he will be right beside you holding accountable, revelling in your blossoming.
Your success is Mike’s success.

If you are looking to accelerate your property investment journey and achieve the greatest possible results in the shortest possible time, then Mike Frisby is the right choice for you.

Learn from the best. Save time. Start now. To book your inital meeting please contact